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Tramy - Integrated Urban Food Prodiver

Founded in 1998, Shanghai Tramy Green Food Group is a comprehensive food group integrating seed source research and development, modern agriculture, food processing, cold chain logistics and online and offline sales, with a complete fresh food industry chain. The group has 19 subsidiaries, four of which are high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. It has one Shanghai municipal enterprise technology center and one Shanghai Tramy modern agricultural industry research institute. It is the strategic partner of Shanghai "vegetable basket project" and "breakfast project". Tramy brand mainly includes bean products, flour products, vegetables, cold and fresh meat, eggs, fruits, aquatic products, convenience food, light food, grain and oil, dry goods and other 11 categories, more than 3000 products, which are sold to 14 major provinces and cities in China, and exported to Australia, Canada, the United States and other countries.

As a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in China, Tramy Group integrates and builds a global supply chain, and its procurement network covers important raw material producing areas in China and the world. At the same time, planting and breeding bases were established in Northeast, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Nanhui, Songjiang and other places. Cooperate with Shanghai Academy of higher studies, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc. to carry out the research on full mechanized and intelligent plant factory and circular economy, so as to guarantee the quality of Tramy products from the source.

Tramy Group headquarters Industrial Park is located in Sanzao Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, covering an area of 300 mu. It uses ers digital operation system, intelligent digital workshop and MES workshop management system to build a core intelligent manufacturer and consolidate the foundation of the group's fresh food industry. It constantly improves the warehouse distribution integrated logistics system to build an intelligent cold chain logistics distribution center, so as to control temperature, reduce loss and reduce consumption, In the Yangtze River Delta region to achieve "fresh daily distribution".

Focusing on the field of fresh food for more than 20 years, Tramy Group has established leading advantages in many aspects, such as supply chain, brand, technology, quality, cold chain, management, sales channels, etc., formed the development mode of Tramy characteristic fresh food with the whole industry chain, all categories and all channels, and realized the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Novel coronavirus pneumonia group received the advanced collective title of Shanghai against the new crown pneumonia and the Pudong New Area District Quality Award in 2020. In 2021, it won the Shanghai Quality Gold Award, Shanghai quality benchmark and other honors.


Tramy's Innovation Process

Starting from bean products, Tramy has set foot in many kinds of traditional food. Taking traditional food as the cornerstone, Tramy has been developing and improving. The development process of Tramy can be summarized into the following three periods: scale expansion period 1998-2005, quality improvement period 2006-2010, brand intensive cultivation period 2011-present.

Scale expansion
Quality promotion
Brand cultivation
Shanghai Tramy Green Food Co., Ltd. was founded, and the brand new "Tramy" trademark was put into use.
The company moved to Gongqing road in Yangpu District, and the area of the new plant expanded to more than 3000 square meters.
Tramy’s bean products entered Shanghai Fudan University, Jiaotong University and Tongji University for the first time.
The variety of Tramy's bean products has increased from 35 to 52, and the annual output value has increased to 50 million yuan.
Tramy has opened 50 brand bean products stores in Shanghai, and its brand monopoly strategy has been launched.
Tramy has been rated as Shanghai famous brand and Shanghai famous trademark. Nanhui new factory (area: 26400 square meters) started construction. Tramy's products went out of Shanghai and moved towards Yangtze River Delta. More than 80 exclusive stores were opened in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.
Tramy was awarded the title of "Chinese commercial famous brand". The production and sales of Tramy's bean products surpassed domestic competitors for the first time and became the first in the industry in China.
Tramy moved to Nanhui new factory as a whole to realize the same day production, distribution and sales. Tramy was awarded the title of "excellent leading food enterprise in China's food industry", "key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Shanghai", "Gold Award for high-quality and best-selling food in Shanghai" and "national contract abiding and credit worthy enterprise".
Tramy invested a lot to introduce 4 sets of automatic bean products production lines of Japan net Co., Ltd., and the processing technology of tofu has reached the world leading level.
Tramy industrial tourism project - tofu culture exhibition hall and bean products museum were completed.
There are 86 automatic cold chain production lines for Tramy's bean products, 138 food grade refrigerated trucks, and more than 6000 supermarket counters and exclusive stores have been set up in the Yangtze River Delta region.
Tramy has been rated as the highest level AAAA standard good behavior certification enterprise by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision. Tramy Technology Center was named "Shanghai Municipal Enterprise Technology Center", which indicates that the R & D ability and technological innovation level of Tramy's bean products have reached the industry leading level.
Tramy has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and a well-known trademark in China. The rural love story jointly shot by Tramy and Zhao Benshan is popular in the style and satellite TV, creating the industry's first film and television implant marketing.
Tramy started its business twice, the breakfast chain project was launched, and more than 150 stores were opened in that year. In the same time, Tramy was recognized as "national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization" and "national agricultural product processing industry demonstration enterprise".
Shanghai Tramy Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and 500 mu vegetable planting demonstration base was opened in Xuanqiao, Pudong.
The second phase project of Tramy Food Industrial Park was started, with 2 workshops, covering an area of 70000 square meters.The first phase of the expansion project was started, and more than 20000 square meters of new factory buildings were built.
Tramy phase II was put into operation, and its production capacity was greatly improved. The company was rated as "national staple food processing industry demonstration enterprise".
The construction of Tramy's 100000 square meters plant was started in the third phase of Tramy. Tramy's "micro vegetable farm" innovative business model was promoted and the micro mall was launched at the same time.
Tramy's another innovative business model, the central vegetable market model, was successfully piloted. In that year, there were 15 stores in Shanghai.
Tramy cooperates with agribusiness supermarket to build fresh outlets, and Tramy's fresh food community convenience store sets sail successfully.
There are 70 stores in Shanghai of Tramy fresh food community convenience stores. Pudong high standard facility vegetable planting demonstration base increased to 1700 mu.
With the establishment of Tramy Group, there are 4 high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, with an output value of more than 2 billion yuan.
There are 260 convenience stores in Tramy Fresh Food CVS. Another innovative business model of Tramy, Tramy Fresh New Catering and Tramy To Point Home, has been launched.
Tramy Group won the quality award of Pudong New Area.
Tramy's new mode of online and offline integration has been successful, and accelerated its landing in Shanghai. Tramyfood refrigerated trucks increased to more than 360.
Tramy agricultural base was expanded to 5000 mu and Tramy branch of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences was established.
Tramy won the Shanghai Quality Gold Award.
Tramy won the quality benchmark of Shanghai、
The new catering mode of Tramy flavor was successfully opened in Yaolu village.
Shen Jianhua, chairman of Tramy group, won the honorary title of "outstanding entrepreneur of Shanghai in 2019-2020".
Fu Yaojuan, President of Tramy group, won the honorary title of "Shanghai March 8th red flag pacesetter".