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Whole industry chain of fresh food
Fresh food convenience store

Tramy Fresh Convenience Store

Fresh food convenience store
Tramy Fresh Convenience Store Model

Tramy Fresh Convenience Store is located in the 15-minute public service circle around the community, with a planned area of 100-500 square meters and a concentrated coverage of 300 meters around the store, providing citizens with more than 4000 kinds of Tramy fresh food and daily necessities of all kinds, high quality, medium and low price and super convenience. At the same time, based on the offline stores and the Internet as the carrier, we will build an online platform - Tramy Arrive In Time and Tramy Group Purchase APP to meet the diversified needs of consumers in the surrounding 3 kilometers for fresh food procurement, catering and life and leisure.

Fresh to B2C

Tramy Cloud OMO Experience Store

Fresh to B2C
Tramy Cloud OMO Experience Store Mode

Tramy Cloud OMO Experience Store is a new generation of digital smart food market, with a planned area of 600-2000 square meters. It can provide 6000-10000 Tramy fresh food and miscellaneous articles every day. It adopts online and offline integrated operation and store-store integration mode to achieve online reservation and offline delivery; Flexible and efficient shopping services, such as offline experience and online purchase, can deliver goods to home within 30 minutes after placing an order within 3 kilometers around, comprehensively improving customers' shopping experience. At the same time, the store also provides on-site production services such as baking, breakfast, cooked food, light meals, etc., to bring consumers a fresher, better and more convenient consumption experience.

Fresh to B2B

Tramy Daily Fresh Mini Market

Fresh to B2B
Tramy Daily Fresh Mini Market Model

The purpose of Tramy Daily Fresh Mini Market is to make up for the shortage of the layout of the city's large food market. The planned area is about 50-100 square meters. Although the area is small, it is small and complete, small and refined. The products preferably include more than 2000 kinds of daily high-frequency consumer goods, such as meat and egg milk, fish, fruit and vegetables, rice flour oil, soy sauce and vinegar tea, which can basically meet the daily consumption needs of families. Thanks to the support of Tramy's entire industrial chain and large supply chain, the intermediate links and circulation time of fresh food have been shortened. Not only are the products fresher and safer in quality, but also the price of vegetables is more than 15% lower than that of the surrounding areas.

Xianjia fusion store

Tramy Fresh Arrival B2B

Xianjia fusion store
Tramy Fresh Arrival B2B Model

Tramy Fresh Arrival B2B model provides direct delivery service of 10000 kinds of fresh ingredients and daily groceries for more than 30000 enterprises and institutions, school canteens, hotel catering and other customers in the Yangtze River Delta. Its main business is divided into group catering and wholesale. Relying on the Qingmei global supply chain system and strong central factory customization processing capacity, it adopts flexible methods such as cold chain logistics, hot chain logistics and time-limited distribution to achieve efficient links between the supply and demand sides, ensure the quality, price and stable supply of food supplies, and help cooperative customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Tramy's Flavour New Catering Mode

Tramy's Flavour

Tramy Taste is the catering brand line of Tramy Group, committed to promoting the industrialization and standardization of the catering industry, and becoming the most innovative catering pioneer in China. Tramy Flavor has a wide range of business categories, including noodle shop, Modu tea, roast coffee, small hot pot, spicy hot pot, braised cooked food, pizza burger and other different catering formats, providing citizens with high-quality, ultra-fast food services and consumption experience. Through digital empowerment, we can achieve the integration of front, middle and back office, offline and online integration, fewer intelligent chefs and digitalization of management and operation, and drive the high-quality development of modern catering industry.