Information technology center holds 2021 League building activityPublish Time:2021-06-29 01:42

On April 17, the spring was warm. The information technology center of Tramy Group organized and carried out a one-day outdoor group construction activity of "youth, passion challenge, happy start and create brilliance together". Yan Junhua, director of information technology center of the group and more than 80 young technical personnel from it center participated in the training activities.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the expansion team of the information technology center composed of Taishan team, Chenggong people, whirlwind team and Zhanshen team gathered at the gate of Zhangjiang company and Nanhui company respectively, ready to go. On the way to the destination, some of the team members played games, some told jokes, and bursts of laughter and laughter came out of the car from time to time. After 40 minutes' drive, we arrived at Changxing island country park, the destination of the group building activity, through Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel.

At the beginning of the activity, Yan Junhua, director of information technology of the group, led all the colleagues involved in the training to join the League building activity with high morale and full enthusiasm. The first is the ice breaking warm-up activities. In the form of fun games, the activities quickly break the strangeness between new and old colleagues, and let everyone quickly enter the training state.

Activity 1: team building

All the team members are divided into five teams according to the number of people, led by each team leader to complete the team building link. Team building and corporate culture are combined to carry out the team style display competition, test the team building results, and enhance the team sense of honor and belonging.

Activity 2: Global Travel

The team members travel around the world together in the "aircraft". The "aircraft" runs according to the designed route under the control of everyone. Each group member is reasonably distributed on the edge of the "map cloth". Through team cooperation, a tennis ball starts from the designated starting point "Shanghai" and returns to Shanghai after a circle. During the activity, the sense of team honor and belonging of the participating colleagues were improved, and the ability of communication and dialogue to solve problems was improved.

Activity 3: Fruit watching

The project is designed according to the mobile game "fruit Lianliankan". There are many bamboo hats in the challenge area, and there are different kinds of fruits under each bamboo hat. Team partners need to find the same fruit that can be connected to eliminate the fruit until the fruit is "eliminated". In the activity, the participants' ability to adapt to circumstances and team decision-making ability were tested, and the motivation and confidence of colleagues in pursuit of excellence were tested.

Activity 4: Extreme Challenge

The theme activity of "extreme challenge" is based on the reality show "extreme challenge". It tests the team's wisdom, courage and execution through well-designed tasks and interlocking interactive links. It also helps the team partners to establish harmonious and harmonious relationship with colleagues. The whole activity is closely linked and exciting, It needs comprehensive communication and cooperation to successfully complete the challenge and bring unique interactive experience to the participants; Each team of the information technology center adheres to the principle of "safety first" and the team spirit of "no abandonment, no abandonment, no one less", and finally completes this challenge task. Among them, Ares team comes from behind and wins the championship of extreme challenge.

Participating in this team activity makes us understand more about the mutual help, cooperation and trust among colleagues, so that the work efficiency can be maximized. Support and help each other. A person with limited strength will inevitably encounter some problems in his work. If he can do his work well and help his friends more, he will not only improve himself, but also gain a sincere friendship, and create a good atmosphere for the company.