Caring for the elderly, the Tramy party members do not stopPublish Time:2022-06-07 03:52

On April 2, nihuamao, a member of the Tramy sales branch and supervisor of the first operation Department, received a banner from Jixiang family, a resident of "Ruidong community", thanking him for his volunteer spirit of caring for the elderly and actively serving the community. "Serve the people enthusiastically and solve the people's worries sincerely". From March 16 to the end of March, for half a month in a row, Ni Huamao delivered non-staple food to Jixiang family for many times. The products were fresh, diverse, warm and considerate, which made Jixiang family full of praise.

Nihuamao, who has been a party member for 26 years, is now the supervisor of the group's operation Department 1, and is in charge of the daily operation of the second store on quankou Road, Changning District, Tramy. Since the middle of March, Jinju community, Ruidong community, Zizhu community and other residential areas around quankou Road No. 2 store have been closed down one after another. All the employees live at home. Nihuamao temporarily assigned an employee from qingmeixianjia Xianghuaqiao Road store to help, a supervisor and an employee to support the daily operation of the store during the closure period.

After the closure, the demand for non-staple food in Jinju community, Ruidong community and Zizhu community exploded. Based on the community wechat group established before, nihuamao publishes store arrival information in the group every day, community residents place orders online, and stores deliver to the community. A large number of elderly people in the community can't place orders online because they can't use smartphones. They just stay at the door of the community, waiting for the delivery of goods by the store's distribution personnel. During the operation gap, they put forward purchase demands to the store.

"A box of tofu, a bag of soybean milk and a kilo of short feet are green. The orders of the elderly are often of low value, high frequency, and the packaging and round-trip delivery time is uneconomical. As a member of the Tramy party, Nihuamao always keeps in mind the group's industrial initiative of" ensuring the people's livelihood ". At this time, the sense of responsibility of the party members surged in his mind. He resolutely decided to do his best to contribute to the meals of the elderly in the community. On March 17, the old people's fresh food distribution group of quankou road second store was established. Every morning, starting from 9:00, nihuamao would come to the door of the community and take out his notebook to collect the needs of the old people. "Sometimes the amount is large, and 20 orders can be collected quickly. Sometimes the amount is small, and often only a few boxes of tofu are needed in a community" - even so, Nihuamao would undertake the needs. "The process of receiving documents, packaging, printing documents, delivering goods and collecting cash needs to be operated nearly 100 times a day." From March 17 to March 31 alone, the distribution team delivered more than 1000 times to the elderly in Jinju, Ruidong and Zizhu communities.

An elderly person living alone in Ruidong community, whose children are not around, has a low economic level and is frugal in purchasing. After understanding this, Ni Huamao took the initiative to buy Tramy soybean milk and Tramy tofu as gifts to the elderly. He also paid special attention to recording the old people's eating habits. He knew that the old people of the Jixiang family in Ruidong community like to eat meat. Every time the store bought "pig feet" and other hard goods, he would keep them and stock them for the old people of the Jixiang family. On April 2, the Jixiang family sent a banner to Nihuamao to praise the pure and beautiful love and the enthusiasm of Party members.

"Serve the people enthusiastically and solve the people's worries sincerely", the heavy 14 characters always inspire Nihuamao's original intention of serving the people's livelihood. He said that as a member of the Tramy party, it is my duty to take responsibility. In the current epidemic situation, we should work harder and seriously to improve the image of the Tramy brand in the hearts of community residents and spread the warmth of Tramy to a greater extent.