Agricultural science and technology accelerate brand strategyPublish Time:2022-07-12 11:58

We will implement the agricultural layout of Tramy, deeply participate in the National Rural Revitalization Strategy, and accelerate the implementation of agricultural science and technology brands. At present,Tramy agricultural technology trademark and Tramy high-quality vegetable and fruit brands including "Er LIANG Qing" have entered the registration process, and are expected to be officially launched in the second half of 2022. Standardization - Branding - quality. Tramy agricultural technology takes practical actions to implement the industrial vision of chairman Shen Jianhua to help Shanghai agriculture benchmark the world's highest quality agricultural products and comprehensively improve the quality and upgrading.

The registered Tramy agricultural technology trademark is based on a gradient color circle, which means globalization with a sphere. The figure of two vegetable leaves is like two hands clasped, highlighting the people-oriented service concept, and the hollowed out in the middle is similar to the shape of rice, pointing out the main products of Tramy agriculture. In recent years, the scientific and technological level of Tramy agriculture has been constantly iterating. Based on standardized production, it continues to carry out variety breeding, focus on variety cultivation and quality improvement, and finally complete brand building. For example, the "erlianqing" brand to be launched, whose product content is the high-quality chicken feather vegetables produced mechanically in the whole process of Tramy base, has strong growth momentum, bright green leaves, smooth leaves, delicious glutinous taste, and high repurchase rate of citizens. After the launch of erlianqing brand green leaf vegetables, it will continue to maintain the existing low-cost and high-quality product image and win the market with word-of-mouth. It is reported that in the future, agricultural science and technology will further strengthen germplasm breeding, promote new product brands such as tomato, leek, Hangzhou cabbage and eggplant, form a brand matrix of Tramy vegetables and fruits, and create a high-quality Tramy agricultural product gift bag.

After the implementation of the branding strategy of Tramy agricultural technology, it will further enrich the brand matrix of Tramy 123 whole industry chain, fill the gap of urban affordable fruit and vegetable brands, objectively reclassify the existing brand base of Tramy, further raise the popularity of Tramy agricultural products, expand the outer edge of intellectual property rights of the whole industry chain, and build a firewall.