Tramy was selected into the "list of members of 2nd batch of Shanghai nutrition innovation platform"Publish Time:2022-08-05 03:09

The Shanghai nutrition innovation platform office organized and released the notice on recruiting the second batch of member units of the Shanghai nutrition innovation platform, and Tramy group was selected into the "second batch of member units of the Shanghai nutrition innovation platform", which was officially submitted to the office of the national nutrition and health Steering Committee for the record.

Under the leadership of Shanghai National Nutrition Steering Committee and Shanghai Municipal Health Committee, the Shanghai nutrition innovation platform is a pioneering platform to carry out nutrition and health work, give full play to the technical and resource advantages of Shanghai nutrition related scientific research institutions, professional academic groups, industry associations and enterprises, and all parties will perform their duties and cooperate for win-win results. After being selected, Tramy group will further rely on the advantages of the whole industry chain platform to provide citizens with more delicious and inexpensive nutritious meals and contribute to healthy China.