Tramy League Branch won the 2021 发布时间:2022-10-11 03:29

Recently, the Grass roots Work Department of the Shanghai Municipal Communist Youth League issued a public notice to carry out the special work of "typical tree selection of Shanghai Grass roots League organizations" in 2021 against the tree selection standard of "good political construction, good organizational foundation, good contact service, and good role". The Tramy League branch performed well in the tree selection process and was praised in a circular.

"Typical Selection of Shanghai Grass roots League Organizations" is the optimization and adjustment of the "Shanghai May Fourth Red Flag League Organization" campaign, is the implementation of the "three strengths and one time" work layout of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, adheres to the work orientation of "focusing on the grass roots", and promotes the high-quality innovation and development of grass-roots league organizations in the new era. It is an honor awarded by the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee to grass-roots league organizations.

The Youth League Branch of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in July 2012. It now has 5 League cadres and 59 League members, including three groups: production group, R&D group and administration group. In the long-term work practice, the Tramy Youth League Branch closely focused on the main points of the work of the general party branch of the group and the superior league organization, identified the starting point of a series of work to rally young people, guide young people, and serve young people, and actively carried out the construction of the Youth League Branch from the three aspects of seeking truth, pragmatism, and change. Focusing on the main responsibility of post building and leading improvement, we actively participated in the learning activities of the Tramy Party General Branch themed Party Day, promoted the extensive development of Party history learning and education, participated in the "angel of slow flight" - the special education class of Xuanqiao School, carried out the "I do something for the community" in-depth, widely spread the "World Bean Day, big action of loving beans", walked into the community, and popularized beans knowledge. In this year's Great Shanghai Defense War, the Tramy Youth League Branch gave play to its youth strength. The majority of Tramy youth, together with their colleagues who went deep into the front line of the epidemic prevention and control, stood shoulder to shoulder in their posts of epidemic prevention and control, taking the company as their home, and contributing their youth strength to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

The achievements belong to the past. In the future, the Tramy Youth League Branch will continue to encourage and guide the young employees of Tramy to strive in the people's livelihood basket project, and meet the call of the 20th National Congress with practical achievements.