Tramy Zhonghua Road Store in the eyes of customersPublish Time:2022-10-28 02:35

On September 22, the customer, Ms. Li Beifen, sent a thank you letter to Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store. The original excerpt is as follows. Let's see what Tramy Store is like in the eyes of an ordinary customer.

Although the Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store has not been open for a long time, it has been favored by the people around and is well-known by word of mouth. From my (Li Beifen) perspective, in addition to the effect of well-known brands, Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store is popular because of various subjective and objective factors.

1、 People are looking forward to the settlement of popular merchants:

With the reconstruction of the surrounding old urban areas, a large number of residents in the old city have moved, and the original commercial outlets have gradually decreased, making residents spend more time and energy on shopping, especially the purchase of fresh food, dairy products, vegetables, etc. that need to be consumed every day. The elderly housewives feel more powerless. The timely entry of Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store is a good thing that conforms to the people's hearts.

2、 The items in the shop are complete:

Tramy Supermarket not only provides rice and flour cereals and oils, egg and milk products, daily condiments and other commodities, but also provides fresh meat and vegetable dishes, non-staple food, rice and flour products and dairy products closely related to three meals a day, especially semi-finished meat dishes and cooked food products, which greatly facilitates the needs of people at different levels and brings convenience to the fast-paced life. And the business hours are very long, from 6:30-22:00, which greatly facilitates the life of the surrounding residents.

3、 Clean shopping environment, food safety and hygiene:

It is indeed a well-known brand. Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store pays attention to the freshness of food, adjusts promotional measures flexibly according to different shelf life at any time, and speeds up food turnover. They are responsible for the brand, so that customers can eat at ease.

4、 Be strict with yourself and act according to rules:

During the anti epidemic period, no one is allowed to enter the store without brushing the site code or wearing a mask. This is the same rule inside and outside the Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store. From the shop manager to the shop assistant, they should wear masks regularly during the whole working time, and be a conscientious person to urge customers to observe epidemic prevention measures at any time. I saw a notice on the checkout counter: "The cashier should take the initiative to provide the customer with the cashier slip, and the violator will be fined 50 yuan". This is the first warning I saw in the business place to regulate professional behavior. I can't help feeling that the original excellent marketing environment was created in this way.

5、 Be kind to others and customers:

Nearby residents like to shop and visit Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road. Because this is a well-known brand store, the employees' clothing is uniform, the operation is standardized, the behavior is civilized, the attitude to customers is warm, and the purchase is the same as the purchase.

The staff of Tramy Fresh Food Zhonghua Road Store respect each other and help each other, especially the store manager, who leads by example, manages boldly and takes the lead in work with high physical strength. He treated every employee well, paid special attention to teaching by words and deeds, and was admired and praised by customers. Life is wonderful because of you. Thank you for Tramy Zhonghua Road Store!