Tramy won the international patent of pctPublish Time:2022-12-23 03:02

Soybean dregs are the main by-products in the production of soybean products. The treatment and utilization of soybean dregs are an unavoidable topic for any soybean product production and processing enterprise. The cellulose in food is also widely used. For example, soybean dregs cellulose can be used to make food packaging paper, which can be degraded by microorganisms in nature. It is a truly green packaging material. Tramy Technology Center, based on the production needs of the company, In 2019, we cooperated with Feng Xin's team, the Nanoscience and Technology Research Center of Shanghai University, to carry out a technical research and development on the preparation of cellulose sponge from soybean dregs. This research and development uses the company's soybean dregs for cellulose extraction to produce nano level sponge cellulose materials. The sponge can reach the food level and can be widely used in the production, processing and packaging of the company's existing products.

In the middle of 2019, Tramy Company and the research group of Shangda submitted a national invention patent application under the title of "A method of preparing cellulose sponge from soybean dregs", and PCT international application was submitted on December 23, 2019. Application No.: PCT/CN2019/1274872021. In June, the international application entered the national application stage. Tramy Technology Center selected Japan, a strong soybean product production country and a world leader in nanotechnology membrane technology, As an entering country, the good news came from Japan on October 18, 2022. The Patent Office of Japan issued a notice of authorization for the patent. Thus, the authorization of an international patent for a method of preparing cellulose sponge from soybean dregs was successfully realized.

PCT application has the characteristics of long application time (generally more than 3 years), many review procedures, and large investment. Because it has to be answered in other countries' patent offices, its costs and difficulties are very large. The success of this application of cellulose sponge patent provides valuable experience for Tramy's overseas expansion.